Balloon Car Toy Fun Inertia Balloon Powered Car Toys Aerodynamics Price Rs.1799+200 Delivery charges

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★ Ideal gift for your children.
★ The toys feature the premium materials not to do any harm to your child.
★ The toy is a great DIY toy so that kids can learn some science and physics.
★ The car toy provides you, children, with the new high-quality balloon racing fun.
★ Open the roof of the car and install it with the balloon. Align the inflatable hold and install the car.
★ Use aerodynamics to promote environmental protection and energy savings without the battery.
★ Press down on the inflatable rod to fill the balloon with air. Press the start button to take the car to the mover.
★ Toys that can be played while playing use aerodynamic principles to move the car forward.
★ The structure is compact, non-slip and abrasion, and the product structure is compact and reliable.
★ The toys can improve your child’s athletic ability. And the DIY assembled model toy set must be installed before playing.
★ The eco-friendly materials are non-toxic and tasteless, and the main body adopts eco-friendly ABS plastic material to play baby with confidence.


★ Material: ABS
★ Capacity Building: Intellectual Development
★ Application age: 3+
★ Size: Balloon Power Air Pump(Width And Height):115 * 225mm/4.5” * 8.9”; Car(Length And Height): 85 * 55mm/3.3” * 2.2”

How to play:

1.Open the roof and put on the balloons.
2.Align the air intake and connect the car.
3.Press down the inflation rod to inflate the balloon.

Package Included:

★ 1 x Balloon Power Air Pump
★ 2 x Car
★ 2 x Air Nozzle
★ 6 x Balloon(Random Color)

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