3 in 1 Mini Portable Wireless Car & Home Vacuum Cleaner

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Strong Suction: Made from aircraft-used alloy and boasting the patented design ensures strong suction output. The duct design ensures duct smoothness and great absorbing pressure. Made from aircraft-used alloy and boasting the patented design ensures a strong suction output. Voltage: 15V MAX PLEASE NOTE: There is insufficient USB voltage for the car, so it needs to be charged normally using the 3.0 car charger.
Portable & Cordless: Without cords, it can be moved anywhere. At the same time with various cleaning heads, can clean anywhere, such as car seat aperture, car dashboard, air vent, the sofa of the gap in the home, the blind angle, etc.
Easy to Wash: Stainless steel metal cover + quick-drying non-woven fabric + blasting sponge enable the vacuum cleaner to be durable, rust-free, washable and quick-drying.
Long Battery Life: Equipped with three 18650 batteries, the vacuum cleaner can run for over 21 minutes while providing robust absorbing pressure.

Package includes
1 x Suction tube
1 x Brush
1 x Manual
1 x USB charging cable
1 x Electric air duster
9000Pa Car Wireless Vacuum Cleaner 120W 3 in 1 Blowable Cordless Handheld Auto Vacuum Home & Car Dual Use Mini Vacuum Cleaner - AliExpress

– Color: Black
– Material: ABS
– Rated voltage: DC 7.4V
– Rated power: 50W
– Charging method: 5V USB boost charging cable
– Rated speed: 35500 rpm
– Vacuum degree: about 5500pa for vehicle, about 5000pa for wireless
– Lithium battery battery capacity: 2 x 2000mAh
– Noise: ≤ 84dB
– Operating temperature: -20℃~+50℃
– USB cable length: About 1 meter

【ELECTRIC AIR DUSTER】 Our electric compressed air duster redesigned its air blowing nozzle and updated its blowing power. Furthermore, there has a mini brush which can put on the blowing nozzle to help you brush the sticky dust while blowing. Besides, electric air duster allows you can use it blow the dust at any angle and there’s no vapor spray out, its non-static feature makes it be a nice tool to clean all kinds of electronics.
【COMPUTER & KEYBOARD VACUUM】 This keyboard vacuum cleaner especially suitable to clean computer tower, laptop keys, keyboard crevice and other electronics. There also has a mini brush which can put on flat nozzle to help you brush away the stubborn dust, soft bristles can brush your computer fans or electronics gently without any scratch or damage while vacuuming.
【2-IN-1 ELECTRIC AIR DUSTER & VACUUM CLEANER】 Buying our compressed electric air duster equivalent of buying a compressed computer air duster, a mini vacuum cleaner, an air blower, uncountable air cans and cleaning gel at a time. No more environment polluted, PeroBuno makes two cleaning ways together which can saves you lots of money in the long run.
【RECHARGEABLE AIR DUSTER】 This cordless compressed air duster designed with 4000mAh rechargeable large capacity battery which allows it can be running 30 minutes at a time. Lightweight and cordless design makes you can hold this electric air duster just by one hand and convenient carry to wherever you go.

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